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Divine Music School, Hosur, is dedicated in Teaching Music in a systematic way. We have qualified teachers who primarily focus on giving each student individual attention.

The students are provided with state of the art infrastructure and equipment to help maximize their potential and learning experience. We offers music classes for the following. Guitar , Keyboard ,Piano, Violin and Drums , Classical Vocal Classes and etc..

Students of several age groups have been taught music with various musical instruments. Some of our students have obtained various Grade level certificates in Music from TRINITY COLLEGE OF MUSIC , LONDON.

Students who take this exam will receive both a grade and a certificate from Trinity College of Music, London. We strongly believes in providing the highest quality of musical education available today and with the constant support of the teachers and the excellent facilities provided, We aim to turn our students into professional musicians.

Divine Musicals Instruments Shop

Divine Music Instruments Shop in Hosur,Krishnagiri District,Tamilnadu, is one stop Shop for All Music Lovers to buy good Quality Musical Instruments in Hosur. We have wide range of musical instruments in our store of your chose to buy at best rates.

We are whole seller & retailer for all major brands of western & Indian Instruments. We do Our Music School Children's Orchestra which is been managed entirely by children ranging from the age group of 5 yrs to 14 Years. We provide Best quality Repair & Services and supply instruments in Hosur.

Music Classes

We offers Guitar , Keyboard ,Piano, Violin and Drums ,Recorded Flute ,Classical Vocal Classes.

Music Instrument Shop

Best Brands, Biggest collections of Imported and Indian Music Instruments & Accesories.

Music Instrument Service

We repair and fine tune your Music Instruments for best performance & sales Music Accessories.

Music is the Universal Language of Mankind

Music speaks to the heart in ways words cannot express

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